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Trump campaign surrogates begin media blitz for Pennsylvania Nevada lawsuits

Former Acting DNI Ric Grenell gives an update from Las Vegas

Published: November 5, 2020 11:45am

Updated: November 5, 2020 3:27pm

Trump campaign advisers on Thursday positioned themselves across the country in battleground counties in which votes are still coming in to deliver updates on pending lawsuits pertaining to ballot counting. At present, the electoral college divide, according to CNN, counts president Trump with 213 points, and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden ahead with 253. Several races remain too close to call nearly more than 36 hours after polls closed across the country. 

In Nevada, former acting DNI Ric Grenell, former state Attorney General Adam Laxalt, and  American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlap held a press conference on Las Vegas on vote counting in Clark County. 

They announced that the Trump campaign is filing a lawsuit, alleging irregular voting patterns in the battleground state.

"We are filing this federal lawsuit to protect legal voters,"  Grenell said. 

He also said the Trump Campaign has been resolving issues outside of court with Clark County officials who are now allowing them to monitor the incoming votes. 

"We have publicly available evidence, which you all in the media should be checking – that non residents are voting," he said. "We've asked Clark County for answers. They have no answers, and it's unacceptable. It's giving legal people the sense that the system is corrupt." 

The campaign surrogates then brought up a Nevada resident who said her vote had been "stolen." 

"I went to vote and was told I already voted," said the unidentified woman. "I always go to vote in person. This time they mailed out the ballot and somebody else took it."

The campaign has filed a series of lawsuits regarding voter integrity laws, practices and "illegal votes."

In Nevada, the campaign's lawsuit will investigate claims that people who have died have been found to have voted, in addition to other forms of voter fraud taking place. 

"We are confident that when all legal votes are tallied – and only legal votes are tallied – President Trump will win the state of Nevada," said Grenell. 

In Pennsylvania, Trump advisers Corey Lewandowski, and Pam Bondi, the former Attorney General of Florida, announced that a state appellate court will allow GOP observers closer access to ballot counting.

Formerly, they had been kept as far away as 100 feet. 

"For the good of the nation, every Pennsylvania county should follow the lead of this judge and provide access for observers to ensure transparency and integrity in Pennsylvania. That is the only way to ensure a fair, transparent election in which all Pennsylvania voters can have confidence their vote will count," said Justin Clark, the deputy manager of the Trump campaign. 

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