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Wisconsin GOP Chairman says 'enthusiasm gap' means Biden has to pander to his own base

"He keeps having to come to his own base to sure up his base," Schimming said.

Published: April 4, 2024 6:43pm

Wisconsin GOP Chairman Brian Schimming said Thursday that President Joe Biden has to keep pandering to his own base since he's struggling to gain momentum with typically Democratic voters.

"He keeps having to come to his own base to shore up his base," Schimming said on the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "As a four year president, he shouldn't have to do that. But he goes to Madison, Wisconsin where I am right now which is like 70-20 liberal and he has to come back."

While Biden won the Democratic primary in Wisconsin, 9.8% of voters cast their vote for the "uninstructed" option.

Schimming highlighted the fact that Biden is choosing not to go to areas that are more independent but instead is focusing on progressive parts of the state. 

"Is he going to someplace where there's a lot of undecideds?" Schimming asked. "Is he going to someplace up in the Fox Valley by Green Bay, where it's a swing area in the state? No. Joe Biden is coming to Madison, Wisconsin. I'm like the only Republican ... that actually lives around Madison."

He added that Biden has an "enthusiasm gap" that is benefiting Republicans. 

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