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GOP attorneys general demand giant firms stop supporting the 'debanking' of conservatives

The letter alleges that the firms cite "hate speech" or "reputational risk" as reasons to debank individuals or organizations.

Published: December 9, 2023 3:15pm

Republican attorneys general sent a letter to two massive voting advisory firms, requesting the fair treatment of shareholders and the stopping of efforts to "debank" conservative clients. 

The letter was sent to Glass, Lewis & Co. and Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc., which are two firms that provide information and recommendations to shareholders about voting choices and government matters.

The initiative was led by Iowa GOP Attorney General Brenna Bird who wrote in the letter that there was "deep concern" that the firms are "prioritizing certain environmental, social, and governance initiatives" which allegedly violate their contracts, according to Fox News.

"Last year shareholders sought to hold financial institutions accountable for denying or restricting service to clients based on their political or religious beliefs through the resolution process," the letter reads, according to Fox. "Politicized debanking harms businesses and their shareholders and undermines the freedom of every American to participate in the marketplace on equal footing." 

The letter also alleges that the firms cite "hate speech" or "reputational risk" as reasons to debank individuals or organizations.

"Viewpoint discrimination has its own legal liabilities—but so does lying in publicly available policies and disclosures," the letter states. "Your lack of transparency is troubling. And your voting recommendations on debanking proposals may breach your legal obligations."

Attorneys general from Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Texas and other red states have also signed the letter.

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