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Hungarian prime minister rails against media, encourages U.S.-Russia dialogue, in CPAC speech

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, came from Hungary to speak to American conservatives

Published: August 4, 2022 4:09pm

Updated: August 4, 2022 5:54pm

Appearing at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the Biden administration put Europe under "ideological pressure." 

"I want to be clear," Orban said. "We respect the government of the United States. We are guests here and we need to behave decently with the current administration as well. But there is another side of the coin, which I cannot ignore. Your administration has put Europe and especially Brussels, under ideological pressure. This is not good for us. It's bad." 

Orban then went on to criticize the Obama administration, saying the 44th president tried to get Hungary to change its fundamental law. 

"The Obama administration tried to force us to change the fundamental law of Hungary and delete Christian and national values from it. Do you get it? The leading power of the free world wanted to force us to change our constitution according to the globalist liberal concept," he said. "How bizarre. This came as a surprise and caused us a lot of pain." 

The Hungarian prime minister also called out media outlets for criticizing CPAC for hosting him. Outlets such as the New York Times wrote that Orban was against a "mixed race society," an allegation he addressed in his speech. 

"I can already see tomorrow's headlines," Orban said, referring to the media. "Far right, European racist, and anti-semite, the Trojan horse of Putin comes to conservative conference. But I don't want to give them any ideas."

Orban than called the United States mainstream media "idiots."

"They know best how to write fake news," Orban continued in his speech. "Instead, I tell you the truth. In Hungary, we introduced a zero tolerance policy on racism and anti-semitism. So accusing us is fake news and those who make those claims are simply idiots. They are the industrial fake news corporation." 

Orban ended his speech, expressing how it takes a strong leader to make peace and how without peace talks between Russia and the US, chaos will continue in Ukraine. 

 "In my view, the globalist leaders' strategy escalates and prolongs war and decreases the chance of peace," Orban asserted. "Without American and Russian talks, there will never be peace in Ukraine. More and more people will die and suffer. And our economies will come to the brink of collapse."

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