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Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis suspended from Twitter over groomer comment

Remark was in response to high school teacher "sharing" drag queen identity with students.

July 29, 2022 12:22pm

Updated: July 31, 2022 7:04pm

Attorney and commentator Jenna Ellis defended herself after she was suspended from Twitter over accusing a high school teacher of being a "groomer" for sharing his LGBT cross-dressing hobby with his students. 

"Twitter is actively protecting sexually deviant behavior while continuing to silence conservative opinions and voices. They apparently are retroactively applying a rule against using the appropriate term 'groomer' to behavior that is sexually explicit toward minors and calling it 'hate speech. This is a vague and arbitrary definition applied only to conservative viewpoints the Twitter gods don’t prefer," Ellis told Just the News.

Author James Lindsay shared news of the suspension on Twitter on Friday, saying Ellis has joined "the rapidly growing list of people locked out of Twitter" for using the word "groomer," a term that refers to adults – including teachers – who involve children in intimate discussions and activities regarding LGBTQ sexuality and sexual orientation. 

Ellis – who spelled the word as "6roomer," likely in an attempt to evade Twitter censors – was reacting to a tweet from the the popular "Libs of Tik Tok" account, which had just shared a photo of a high school French teacher who admitted to "sharing" his cross-dressing LGBTQ drag identity with his students.

She said that in practice, Twitter still allows "anti-religious slurs, anti-women vulgarities, and a host of other comments that should under any reasonable parallel definition be 'hate speech.'"

Ellis said her suspension is for seven days if she deletes the offending tweets.

She pointed out how users must either delete tweets and admit to breaking the website's rules or submit an appeal and be locked out for an unknown amount of time.

"My suspension for 7 days after I delete the tweets (or months if I don’t?) is yet another example why Americans are disgusted and fed up with the Big Tech oligarchy," Ellis said. "What’s the solution when they’re allowed to suppress users arbitrarily and violate their own terms of service?"

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