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Overwhelming majority of Americans say strict gun laws have failed to stop retail crime surge

A whopping 84% of those polled believe strict gun laws have been ineffective

Published: January 5, 2022 9:50am

Updated: January 5, 2022 2:57pm

A new poll from the Trafalgar Group in conjunction with Convention of States Action shows the vast majority of Americans believe strict gun laws in the nation's major cities are ineffective when it comes to combating the current surge in retail crime.

The poll, conducted from December 17-21, found 84.4% of respondents think strict gun laws are ineffective. Broken down, that number divides into 47.1% who say the laws are "making no difference in dealing with crime surge," and 37.3% who say the laws are "making the crime surge worse."

Just 15.6% of those polled say the strict laws are "making the current crime surge better."

Among Democrats, more than half (53.8%) of those polled said that strict gun laws were making no difference, while 30.1% said they were improving the situation. GOP voters (54.6% of them) said strict gun laws were making things worse, and 38.1% of Republicans said the laws were making no difference.

Among independents, just over 50% said the laws made no difference, 39.5% said they made things worse, and just 9.8% said they were making things better. 

President of Convention of States Action Mark Meckler said Americans are waking up to the reality that the "legacy media" has persistently attempted to tell them: " 'There's nothing to see here' as they witnessed scenes of looting, vandalism, and theft across the nation this holiday season."

He also said: "Voters see what’s going on, and clearly understand the causes. As strict gun laws in blue cities continue to restrict law-abiding citizens rather than criminals, the crime will continue to get worse." 

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