Large majority of Americans support Florida’s Parental Rights In Education Law: poll

The survey showed that radical leftist ideas may not be as popular among liberals as a whole.

Updated: May 1, 2022 - 9:13pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

Most Americans support measures such as Florida's Parental Rights in Education law to prevent sexual topics from behind taught to young children without parental consent, according to a poll from The Federalist and Susquehanna Polling.

The survey, which was conducted from April 19-27 with 800 likely voters, also found that Republicans are 10 points ahead of Democrats in the midterms this fall.

One question asked: "Florida recently passed a law prohibiting public school teachers from introducing sexual topics to elementary school children without parental consent. Do you support or oppose proposals that protect young children from being exposed to sexual topics by school employees without parental consent or knowledge?"

Seven in ten voters said they support those types of proposals, with 61% of voters saying they "strongly" supported the law. Just 23% of voters were opposed to laws such as those in Florida.

The Parental Rights in Education law prohibits teachers from instructing students in grades K-3 about "sexual orientation" or "gender identity." Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis received backlash since signing the bill into law.

President Joe Biden's favorability is at 43% and his unfavorable rating is at 52% in the poll. Vice President Kamala Harris's approval is even lower at 38% favorable compared to 53% unfavorable.

Former President Donald Trump's approval rating beat both Biden and Harris, polling at 45% favorable and 46% unfavorable.

However, the poll shows that Trump would still lose to Biden or Harris, no matter which one ran against the former president.

Excluding the education issue, the survey showed that radical leftist ideas may not be as popular among liberals as a whole. Democrats made up the plurality of those polled, accounting for 41% of respondents compared to Republicans who made up 40% of those surveyed.

Almost three out of five of respondents (59%) said they support Musk's deal to purchase Twitter as a "mechanism to protect free speech."

Even more voters (69%) said it is unfair to "force female athletes to compete against male athletes" when the biological male begins identifying as a woman.