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Majority of voters take relatively relaxed approach to mask-wearing in public

Fewer than two out of every five voters use masks very consistently.

Published: September 22, 2020 11:06am

Updated: September 22, 2020 2:32pm

A majority of registered voters are relatively relaxed about wearing masks in public amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen shows. 

Among the 63% of respondents who indicated at least moderate mask usage, 34% said they wear face coverings while out but remove them upon reaching a "socially distant" space such as a restaurant table. Fifteen percent said they never wear a mask unless they "absolutely have to," while 14% said they "generally" cover their faces to avoid offending others. 

Among the 37% of respondents who wear a mask "at all times" while around others, 28% said they were "offended" by those who do not. 

Just the News Poll, How do you feel about wearing masks?
Just the News Daily Poll
With Scott Rasmussen


Rasmussen called the data "significant."

"It shows that the question is not just between wearing a mask or not," he said. "Eighty-five percent typically wear a mask. But a much smaller number – 37% – are hyper-vigilant about it in daily life."

"It is worth noting," he also said, "that older voters are more likely than younger voters to wear a mask in private settings. That’s a common sense recognition of the fact that older voters are far more at risk from the coronavirus."

The survey of 1,200 Registered Voters was conducted by Rasmussen from September 17-19. 

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