'Middle Class Joe' loses his mojo with the middle class, new polling finds

Majority in a recent AMAC-Trafalgar poll said President Biden doesn't care about the middle class.

Updated: October 21, 2022 - 11:07pm

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President Joe Biden built his political rise on a "Middle Class Joe" from Scranton, Pa.,  persona. But after nearly two years in the White House, most Americans don't believe he cares for the middle class.

A Trafalgar poll conducted for the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) found nearly 55% of Americans believed Biden and his administration care less for the middle class than prior presidents.

That total included 51.5% of respondents who answered "much less," 3% who said "somewhat less," 11.4%  who said "somewhat more," and 31.7% who said "much more."

Rebecca Weber, the CEO of AMAC, told Just the News the findings were a reflection of just how much Americans have soured on the consequences of the Biden agenda, such as soaring energy costs, historic inflation, rising crime and soaring illegal immigration.

She added the alienation was even great among some of the Democratic Party's traditionally core constituencies.

"This is really catastrophic for Biden, because 61% of Hispanics and 66.8% of Asians said Biden cares much less about the middle class," Weber said this week on the John Solomon Reports podcast. "Those numbers are quite huge."

"Average Americans are feeling it when we go to the pump," she added. "We have to remember that gas shot up more than 60% under Joe Biden. The nation is not safer today than we were just a few years ago."

There are other warning signs for America's 46th president in the poll. Only 6.7% of voters believed Biden's explanations for inflation and most blamed the president.

"Over 52% point their finger at the Biden administration as being responsible for inflation," Weber said. "69 percent of Latinos are blaming the Biden administration. That tells us something. That tells us that people are fed up and we ought to be listening."

Another warning sign was that younger Americans seem disaffected with Biden's pursuit of liberal ideology in public education, especially involving gender, Weber said.

"If you look at all of the age groups that are rejecting gender indoctrination, you even see a tremendous number of of young people that disagree with the Biden proposal," she explained. "It could suggest that that generation is actually experiencing some of the left's punitive gender indoctrination in schools. So the young folks are even against it."

Weber predicted parents' rights — an issue that burst onto the scene with Glenn Youngkin's win in Virginia in 2021 — will play a big role in the congressional midterm elections.

"The federal government needs to stay out of the way and not be involved in parental decisions," Weber stated. "Parental rights are so important. It's a big part of our freedom, and confidence in public schools is very, very low — only at 28%. 

"Safety is a major reason they don't feel like their children are protected," Weber added. "They also don't feel like they're learning the basics such as reading and writing and arithmetic. Instead, they're being taught this gender lunacy. They're being taught how to become leftist activists. They're being taught not to love our nation." 

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