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Most Democrats have unfavorable view of Israel ahead of Biden's visit: poll

Israelis' feelings are not as warm toward Biden as toward former President Donald Trump.

July 12, 2022 10:46pm

Updated: July 12, 2022 11:35pm

Most Democrats have an unfavorable view of Israel, a Pew Research poll shows ahead of President Joe Biden's visit to the nation. 

Israelis' feelings, in turn, are not as warm toward Biden as they were toward former President Donald Trump, the survey showed.

The majority of Israelis (60%) said they are confident in Biden and 39% said they had "no confidence." When the survey asked Israelis for their views on Trump in 2019, 71% expressed confidence in the president and 29% responded that they had no confidence.

Many Israelis told Just the News that they felt safer under Trump, which was reflected in the poll. Sixty-nine percent of Israelis described Trump as a "strong leader," compared to 41% who said the same about Biden.

In America, 53% of Democrats reported having an unfavorable view of Israel while 44% said they had a favorable view of the country. Democrats' favorable views are down 11% from the last time Pew asked the question in 2013.

Republicans are overwhelmingly pro-Israel, with 75% stating that they have a favorable opinion of the only democracy in the Middle East and 27% having an unfavorable view. 

Overall favorable views of Israel have decreased 6% since 2013, currently standing at 55%.

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