Flight attendants suing against Biden mask mandate say they 'were weaponized to be mask enforcers'

"These aren't laws passed by Congress. We're not law enforcement," a flight attendant said.

Updated: April 6, 2022 - 11:10pm

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Flight attendants suing the Biden administration over its mask mandate on airplanes say they were "weaponized" during the COVID-19 pandemic to "be mask enforcers."

"Transportation employees have been weaponized by the federal government to enforce this unlawful mandate," flight attendant Lisa Williams told "Just the News - Not Noise" on Wednesday.

She is part of a group of nine flight attendants suing to end President Joe Biden's mask mandate on planes, which she says has "created a really hostile environment for all of us."

Flight attendant Jeremy Ivanovskis, who is also part of the lawsuit, told editor-in-chief John Solomon and co-host Amanda Head that he agrees with Williams that "the flight attendants were weaponized to be mask enforcers."

The federal transportation mask mandate, which has been in effect since Feb. 1, 2021, is in place until April 18, when the administration will review it. The Transportation Security Administration has issued hundreds of fines over the last year to people who were not wearing masks, The New York Times reported.

"These aren't laws passed by Congress. We're not law enforcement. We're not doctors, and we're not lawyers," Ivanovskis said.

He did not enforce the mask mandate because he feels that it is "unconstitutional," he said.

Williams said that some flight attendants "just want to be a policeman." She joked that they "chose the wrong career apparently."

"We're not going to comply anymore," Ivanovskis said. "It's unconstitutional. Everything Joe Biden and the administration – including Anthony Fauci and all these unelected bureaucrats – are doing is unconstitutional. Unconstitutional, unlawful and we will not comply. We have to take our freedom back."