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The U.S. has withdrawn from the Treaty on Open Skies

This comes after the U.S. earlier this year announced that it planned to withdraw.

Published: November 22, 2020 1:43pm

Updated: November 22, 2020 2:17pm

The U.S. departed the Treaty on Open Skies on Sunday, following an announcement earlier this year that the nation planned to withdraw from the treaty.

"On May 22, 2020, the United States exercised its right pursuant to paragraph 2 of Article XV of the Treaty on Open Skies by providing notice to the Treaty Depositaries and to all States Parties of its decision to withdraw from the Treaty, effective six months from the notification date," a press statement from the State Department's Cale Brown notes. "Six months having elapsed, the U.S. withdrawal took effect on November 22, 2020, and the United States is no longer a State Party to the Treaty on Open Skies."

In a statement earlier this year, Secretary of State Mike Pompo accused Russia of violating the treaty.

"While the United States along with our Allies and partners that are States Parties to the Treaty have lived up to our commitments and obligations under the Treaty, Russia has flagrantly and continuously violated the Treaty in various ways for years," Pompeo said. "This is not a story exclusive to just the Treaty on Open Skies, unfortunately, for Russia has been a serial violator of many of its arms control obligations and commitments."


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