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Wisconsin Congressman says there will be unity for getting Joe Biden out of office

'If you are concerned about inflation, you have got to get rid of Joe Biden,' Grothman said.

June 8, 2023 7:08pm

Updated: June 8, 2023 7:57pm

Wisconsin GOP Rep. Glenn Grothman said that unity in 2024 will come from getting President Joe Biden out of office and electing someone else. 

"I think there'll be unity in Wisconsin and it will be driven by fear of Joe Biden," Grothman said on the Thursday edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. 

"When you're looking at the gotta get rid of Joe Biden," he continued. "If you are concerned about inflation, you have got to get rid of Joe Biden."

Grothman has been one of Biden's biggest critics when it came to the administration's getting rid of familial DNA testing at the southern border. 

The DNA testing was originally implemented under the Trump administration and utilized by Customs Border Protection following a court order related to the separation of migrant children from their families and evidence drug cartels were using children to create fake family units to sneak illegal immigrants across the border. 

Last month, a CBP memo sent to frontline border agents announced the testing will cease when its vendor contract expires.

"I think they're rolling the dice and figuring the public is not going to care about this immigration, including things as outlandish as children being brought over by people they claim are their parents, it turns out they're not," Grothman said of the administration. 

"It just surprises me how little they care," he later said.

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