Just the News a.m. with Sophie Mann

Watch: Congress debates repeal of AUMF

On the June 29, 2021 Episode of Just the News a.m. with Sophie Mann:

Segment 1 - Rick Green, Constitution Coach - Should the 2002 AUMF be repealed? President Biden should step down


Segment 2 - Joe Weber - Nancy Pelosi to appoint one Republican for new Jan. 6 commission. Is that betrayal?


Segment 3 - Peter Morici - As the 2022 election approaches, GOP hopefuls focus in on inflation as major issue


Segment 4 - Tom Jones - ATF nominee David Chipman character workplace history has major questions


Segment 5 - Just the News Minute - Trump out of legal hot water, for now; Dukakis warns against defunding police


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