Just the News a.m. with Sophie Mann

Watch: DC Draino suing Twitter and California

On the June 21, 2021 episode of Just the News a.m. with Sophie Mann:

Segment 1 - Vernon Jones - Urges Gov Kemp to open audits in all GA counties following developments in Fulton County


Segment 2 - Rogan O'Handley - Suing Twitter and CA over collusion to censor him and other conservatives


Segment 3 - Jim McLaughlin - 6 months in, polls flat at best for Biden. 2022 shaping up positive for GOP


Segment 4- Supply Chain issues continue to hamper industries, slow to rebound after pandemic disruptions


Segment 5-  Just the News Minute - Biden's dog Champ passes away, MO Senate candidate McClosky buys new AR



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