Just the News a.m. with Sophie Mann

Watch: Do Fauci emails and documents show a cover-up?

On the June 8, 2021 episode of Just the News a.m. with Sophie Mann:

Segment 1 John Zadrozny - VP Kamala Harris visits Guatemala - Guatemala President blames US for migrant influx

Segment 2 - Joseph Weber - US Senate Committees issue report on Jan 6th detailing intel breakdowns / Large internet outage takes down websites worldwide / VT Governor signs bill to extend voting rights

Segment 3 - Tom Fitton - Documents from DHHS show Dr. Fauci oversaw more than $800k to Wuhan lab

Segment 4 - Ilya Somin - SCOTUS doesn't take case overturning all male draft may revisit if Congress doesn't act

Segment 5- Dr Fauci and Jill Biden booed at clinic, Trump and O'Reilly announce speaking tour

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