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Just the News a.m. with Sophie Mann

WATCH: VP Harris seems she is in over her head

On the June 3, 2021 Episode of Just the News a.m. with Sophie Mann:

Segment 1 - Tim Graham, Director of Research MRC - VP Kamala Harris seems over her head with tasks as VP. Dr. Fauci book deal in question after emails exposed.

Segment 2 - Jim Young, CEO, King Operating Corp. - ANWR leases suspended indefinitely, as oil prices rise

Segment 3 - Diana Muller, Founder DC Project - David Chapman is exactly the wrong person to head ATF

Segment 4 - Mike Kucharski, Vice President, J.K.C. Trucking - Meat prices are skyrocketing, cyber attack didn't help

Segment 5 - Just the News Minute: Iranian Naval Ship catches fire and sinks; Small Biz sues MLB over ASG