Today: Former Trump 2020 Press Secretary Hogan Gidley on Dr. Fauci: "Anthony Fauci is not science"

In the June 10, 2021 Episode 107 of Season 2 of The Water Cooler with David Brody:

Segment #1:  David Brody speaks with Former Trump 2020 National Press Secretary Hogan Gidley about Dr. Fauci contradicting himself and how Donald Trump accomplished more in office regarding foreign policies than Joe Biden.

Segment #2:  David Brody and Congresswoman Mary Miller (R-I.L.) discuss the fight against critical race theory and the Biden administration’s use of the term “birthing people” to refer to mothers in their budget proposal. 

Segment #3: David Brody speaks with Papa John Schnatter about the detrimental impact tax hikes are having on small businesses. 

Segment #4: David Brody speaks with Pastor Brian Gibson on Rep. Ilhan Omar. Pastor Gibson on Omar: "She wants a world governed by Sharia law."

Segment #5: The Last Sip: David Brody points out the media’s false narrative of Former President Trump’s Bible photo-op last year. 

Segment #6: David Brody speaks with Just the News’ News Editor Joe Weber about the latest Just the News headlines.