The Water Cooler with David Brody

Today: Miranda Khan sits in for David Brody, Joe Weber recaps Biden-Putin Summit

In the June 16, 2021, Episode 111 of Season 2 of The Water Cooler with David Brody: 

Segment #1: Joseph Weber, News Editor with Just the News recaps the Biden-Putin Summit with Miranda Khan.

Segment #2: Heather Mullins, Real America's Voice Correspondent gives the latest revelations on the Election Integrity fight in Fulton County, Georgia.

Segment #3: Host of the TV show, "News On" on Real America's Voice, Miranda Khan on COVID-19 and the "Summer of Freedom" event.

Segment #4:  Rick Green, Founder of Patriot talks to Miranda about a recent court decision involving a Houston Hospital mandating employees to get the COVID-19 Vaccine or else they would lose their job.

Segment #5: The Last Sip: Blues Clues and Pride Month

Segment #6: Senior Congressional Correspondent for Just the News, Nicholas Ballasy on news of the day.