Just the News Now - Thursday January 20, 2022

Updated: May 25, 2022 - 5:37pm

January 20, 2022 - Check out today's top Just the News headlines. To stay up to date on the latest breaking news, head over to --> https://justthenews.com/ Full articles here:

From the next FDR to a presidency in turmoil: How Biden’s first year in office unraveled | Just The News https://justthenews.com/government/white-house/next-fdr-presidency-trouble-bidens-first-term-one-year

Board suspends doctor, orders neuropsych eval for COVID claims echoed by mainstream scientists | Just The News https://justthenews.com/accountability/cancel-culture/misinformation-doctor-under-investigation-covid-claims-echoed

Senate Democrats fail to change filibuster, handing Biden stinging defeat on voting legislation | Just The News https://justthenews.com/government/congress/senate-republicans-block-voting-rights-bill-schumer-joining-nays

Reps. Tlaib, Omar participated in events with groups that called for release of ‘Lady al-Qaeda’ | Just The News https://justthenews.com/government/congress/rep-talib-participated-event-group-who-called-aafia-siddiquis-release

MLK niece Alveda King: Biden ‘race baiting, playing the race card’ with voting reform rhetoric | Just The News https://justthenews.com/nation/culture/alveda-king-biden-pelosi-having-temper-tantrums-playing-race-card-mlk-taught-love

‘Stalinist witch hunt’: Boris Epshteyn slams Jan. 6 committee investigation after subpoena | Just The News https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/all-things-trump/stalinist-witch-hunt-boris-epshteyn-slams-jan-6-committee

FBI seen taking evidence from Texas Democrat congressman’s home | Just The News https://justthenews.com/government/congress/fbi-seen-taking-evidence-democratic-texas-reps-home-visiting-campaign

Republicans push for greater access to COVID therapeutics | Just The News https://justthenews.com/nation/states/center-square/republicans-push-greater-access-covid-therapeutics

California bill would create safe consumption sites for illegal drug use | Just The News https://justthenews.com/nation/states/center-square/california-bill-would-create-safe-consumption-sites-drug-use