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Biden sanctions financial networks funding Houthi terrorism in Yemen

Critics of the administration's decision say that delisting the Houthis has emboldened the group to carry out terrorist attacks.

Published: February 24, 2022 3:34am

Updated: February 24, 2022 1:05pm

President Joe Biden has imposed sanctions on the global financial network funding Houthi rebels and their attacks on civilians in Yemen and elsewhere in the Persian Gulf.

The action announced Wednesday is designed to bankrupt financiers who have prolonged Yemen's seven-year civil war and spread some of its violence outside the country's border to countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the sanctions were closely coordinated with Gulf partners. "We continue to work closely with our regional partners to act decisively against those seeking to prolong this war for their own goals," he said.

"The United States remains firmly committed to helping Saudi Arabia and the UAE defend themselves and the tens of thousands of U.S. citizens living in the Gulf against these Houthi attacks," he added.

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