Israeli forces brace for war with Hezbollah

Hezbollah officials threaten imminent attacks, while the Israeli military gears up to meet the enemy

IDF soldiers from the Golani infantry train in the Golan Heights
IDF soldiers from the Golani infantry train in the Golan Heights
(Getty Images)
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May 21, 2020 - 7:10am

Israel and Hezbollah may soon be, once again, at war. Recently, Israeli troops have been striking Hezbollah targets in Syria, while Hezbollah has been expanding their own forces and issuing threats of invasion to Israel.

“We are preparing seriously for the next war,” Colonel Israel Friedler told the Associated Press. Israel has been overseeing weeks-long exercises that simulate war with Hezbollah. Israel also in recent weeks has been sending warplanes and reconnaissance drones over Lebanon.

Since its founding as an Iran-funded guerrilla group in the 1980s, Hezbollah has become the most powerful and threatening military and political operation in Lebanon. However, the group cannot afford another war with Israel.

The Lebanese economy is ailing, and the group’s benefactors, Iran, have been hit hard by sanctions imposed by the United States. Hezbollah’s forces were essentially crippled by the Syrian civil war, during which they lost a reported 2,000 fighters.

Israel, presently, views Hezbollah as their most pressing threat. The Israeli military believes that Hezbollah is now attempting to develop precision-guided missiles to add to their already vast 130,000 rocket and missile stockpile.

“The Israelis should be worried and scared because the resistance now has the will, intention, capabilities and force to make Israel face a great defeat in any coming confrontation,” said Sheikh Ali  Daamoush, a top Hezbollah official.

At the Elyakim Military Base, tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers have been participating in enormous drills that simulate fighting with Hezbollah in civilian territory. Something that Friedler said said is like “fighting with handcuffs on.”

Tanks, ground troops, air force, navy, and cyber units have all joined the extensive simulations. Mock Lebanese villages have been set up, and troops are preparing to possibly cross the border to halt Hezbollah fire. “It won’t be easy. But without a doubt it will be much harder for them. They don’t have the means to stop us,” said Friedler.

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