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Alec Baldwin appears to slap phone from pro-Palestine protester's hand in coffee shop

The protestor repeatedly asked Baldwin to say, "Free Palestine" on camera

Published: April 23, 2024 2:50pm

Actor Alec Baldwin slapped a smartphone from a pro-Palestine protester's hand in a coffee shop in a video posted online Sunday. 

The video began with the unidentified protestor behind the camera asking Baldwin: "Why did you kill that lady? You killed that lady and got no jail time?" She also said, "No jail time, Alec. You're putting innocent people in jail, Alec Baldwin."

Baldwin can be seen on his phone inside the coffee shop not engaging with the person filming.

The protestor then repeatedly asked Baldwin to say, "Free Palestine" on camera. Baldwin didn't respond and appears to slap the camera from the camera person's hand.

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