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CNN reporter calls for Twitter to label Trump's account as election disinformation

"Nearly every tweet from the president at this point is labeled for misinfo," said CNN's Oliver Darcy.

Published: November 30, 2020 12:42pm

Updated: November 30, 2020 6:24pm

For some "journalists," you just cannot censor President Trump enough.

Oliver Darcy, who covers the media for the liberal-leaning network CNN, says Twitter should flat-out declare all of the information that Trump shares on Twitter is misleading.

"Nearly every tweet from the president at this point is labeled for misinfo," Darcy wrote in a newsletter. "Which had me thinking. Why doesn't Twitter just take the step of labeling his entire account as a known source of election disinfo? And why stop there? Why not label accounts that repeatedly spread claims the platform has to fact-check?"

Darcy said by doing so, Twitter would "help users weed out reliable sources from bad-faith actors."

"Think of it as a version of NewsGuard for Twitter," Darcy wrote, referring to what some say is a liberal website that rates other sites.

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor blasted the call.

"CNN and the rest of the leftist media won't be happy until they silence any voice that dares disagree with them," Gainor told Fox News. "Labeling accounts won't be considered strong enough by liberals in the press. Then they will want so-called 'misinformation' accounts limited and then shut down altogether."

"If we actually labeled disinformation accounts, we'd have to hit most traditional media outlets, especially CNN," Gainor said, noting three journalists from the cable news network blew a story about Russia and collusion with Trump.

"They pushed the bogus Russian conspiracy narrative to the point where CNN had to let go of three editorial employees," Gainor said. "Journalists have become some of the worst censors on the internet — but only of conservative content."

Jake Tapper, another CNN host, also called Trump a liar.

"The (conservative) National Review: 'it's hard to find much that is remotely true in the president's Twitter feed these days. It is full of already-debunked claims and crackpot conspiracy theories about Dominion voting systems.' The problem isn't bias, it's Trump lying," Tapper tweeted Monday.

As of Thursday, Twitter had added warnings labels to 200 of Trump's posts or retweets, saying that they contain false, disputed or misleading information.

"Overall since polls closed Nov. 3, about 30% of Trump's posts on Twitter have been flagged by Twitter as containing or potentially including misinformation," according to a Variety analysis. "That goes back to Trump's claim in the wee hours of Nov. 4 asserting without any evidence that Democrats were trying to 'STEAL' the election."

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