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Devin Nunes says that TRUTH Social is the most important thing Trump ever created

According to Nunes, this is crucial for freedom of speech, particularly on social media.

Published: October 5, 2022 6:46pm

Updated: October 5, 2022 7:34pm

Chief Executive officer of the Trump Media & Technology Group Devin Nunes says that Trump's social media platform may be one of the most important things he has ever created, especially with censorship on other social media platforms. 

"With the Biden administration's involvement and the FBI's involvement with all of these tech companies, can you imagine where we would be had Donald Trump not went out and created TRUTH Social?" Nunes asked on the Wednesday edition of "Just the News, No Noise." 

"We would be in a very, very dark spot," Nunes continued. "And it is very possible that maybe, just maybe, the most important creation in Donald Trump's whole career will be the creation of TRUTH Social."

The electronics company, Samsung, made news recently after the TRUTH Social app was made available in the Galaxy store.

"We went to work with Samsung," Nunes explained. "They control about 60% or more of the Android market about 30% of the entire market. We weren't sure how easy they would be to work with. But we went out, we worked with them, and boom we got got it done. We're now on the Samsung Galaxy store."

Nunes said he believes that this shows that some of these large corporations don't support big tech censorship.

"I think that what this shows me is that a lot of these companies are deciding whether or not they're going to be with big tech tyranny or not," Nunes said. "I think where you see Samsung coming down with this quick approval for us is great. And granted, it's not across all of Android, but it is in the largest segment of Android." 

According to Nunes, this is crucial for freedom of speech, particularly on social media. 

"TRUTH Social is there in the breach protecting America in order for them to get their voice back and for them to be able to exercise their constitutional right of freedom of speech," Nunes concluded. 

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