Fox News acknowledges incorrect election night prediction that Democrats would gain House seats

The network popular with conservative viewers has been facing backlash for its Nov. 3 coverage.

Updated: November 12, 2020 - 6:27pm

More than a week after the Nov. 3 elections, Fox News has acknowledged its election night prediction that Democrats would gain House seats was incorrect. 

"There are still a handful of races undecided," Fox News anchor Bret Baier said Wednesday night. "On election night, the FOX News Decision Desk correctly predicted soon after 9 p.m. Eastern that Democrats would retain control of the House. But they also estimated Democrats would add about five seats to their majority. That did not occur. Republicans have gained six seats with multiple races yet to be decided."

Fox News was not the only network to flub their House race predictions.

Commentators and analysts on networks including CNN and MSNBC predicted similar outcomes. Popular election prediction website FiveThirtyEight predicted Democrats would expand their majority, and the Wall Street Journal wrote that Democrats would likely expand their majority by 10-20 seats. 

However, many longtime fans and viewers of Fox News erupted in anger over the network's coverage of the election, given especially the Decision Desk's early ruling on the state of Arizona, which it awarded to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at a notably early moment in the evening. 

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