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Greenwald: 'Democratic politics is about criminalizing opposition'

"Dissenting ideas are 'disinformation' and must be censored by Big Tech," Greenwald says.

Published: September 26, 2022 12:54pm

Updated: September 26, 2022 1:36pm

Journalist Glenn Greenwald is criticized the Democratic Party, calling members authoritarians trying to criminalize their opposition. 

After The Prospect managing editor Ryan Cooper complained about Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz not being indicted with in a sex-trafficking probe, Greenwald, co-founder of The Intercept,  responded with his criticism. 

"Chickens*** club," Cooper tweeted.

Greenwald replied in a retweet: "This is a perfect illustration of how authoritarian so many Democrats are. 

"This Democrat doesn't know or care why career DOJ prosecutors decided the evidence was insufficient to prosecute Matt Gaetz. What he knows is that Gaetz supports Trump and thus wants him imprisoned:

"I can't stress this enough: at its core, Democratic politics is about criminalizing opposition to their party and ideology. Dissenting ideas are 'disinformation' and must be censored by Big Tech. Trump voters are inherently criminal ('insurrectionists') and should be imprisoned."

He also wrote that October 2021 he and others produced a video to assemble the "mountain of polling data and other quantifiable evidence demonstrating how Democratic Party loyalists and liberal activists are now classic authoritarians."

Greenwald is now an independent journalist following his departure from The Intercept.

He left the publication after he wrote an article about the switch in COVID-19 messaging during the George Floyd protests in summer 2020. The Intercept then planned on having another article posted the same day "to argue racism, not COVID, was the greatest health crisis, so everyone *should* go protest," Greenwald explained

After he left, Greenwald said The Intercept also censored his articles about Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden, and the president's past dealings with China and Ukraine, according to The Daily Wire

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