Tech billionaire Thiel tosses $1.5 million in seed money to conservative oriented dating app startup

The app's founded is former Trump body man John McEentee.

Updated: February 15, 2022 - 3:22pm

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Tech billionaire Peter Thiel is pumping $1.5 million into a seed round for a conservative-leaning dating app "The Right Stuff."

The app, which will be invite-only at the beginning, is expected to launch over the summer in Washington, D.C.

Though there are no plans for the app to be explicitly political, it will cater to conservative singles living in large, progressive urban areas.

"We’re excited to launch," app founder is former Trump body man and aide John McEentee told Axios. "Conservatives deserve an easy way to connect."

Thiel, a silicon valley billionaire, Trump ally and funder of conservative causes across the board has previously invested in Rumble, an alternate video-hosting platform to YouTube that does not ban or censor conservative content.