The Lincoln Project releases staffers from agreement that prevented them from speaking to media

The anti-Trump group has in recent weeks become unraveled by sexual and financial scandal.

Updated: February 16, 2021 - 2:23pm

The Lincoln Project has released staffers and former staff from any confidentiality clauses that may have prevented them from discussing accusations of sexual-misconduct against co-founder John Weaver and how much other top-ranking project officials knew about Weaver's behavior.

Last week, several former staffers publicly asked that they be released from their confidentiality agreements so they could speak to reporters about Weaver.

In an unsigned note posted to the project's Twitter page, the group, formed by Republicans to what President Trump's reelection bid, announced Monday that it is "releasing staff and former staff from the confidentiality provisions in their employment agreements to discuss their workplace environment." 

The group also announced that it has hired "outside counsel and professional consultants to strengthen our corporate governance, finance and operational structure, human resources, and leadership to position The Lincoln Project to further maximize our impact and lean into our important mission advancing democracy."

On Friday, in a lengthy and emotional note, co-founder and board member Steve Schmidt resigned his position amid accusations that he knew for many months of Weaver's behavior and failed to act. 

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