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Just the News assembles media coalition to review election precinct reporting in close states

Goal is to review complaints from readers, study anomalies in unprecedented 2020 election.

Published: November 4, 2020 6:51pm

Updated: November 4, 2020 8:04pm

Just the News is joining forces with Real America’s Voice TV news network and the Star news sites to launch an independent review of election precinct reporting in a handful of close states in the 2020 presidential election.

The review, to be conducted in the next 10 days, was prompted by concerns raised by numerous voters and election observers who contacted Just the News about irregularities in ballot counting, harvesting and handling in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

“By all accounts, the 2020 election was unprecedented in so many ways from record turnouts and unsolicited mail ballots to new ballot collection mechanisms and counting procedures. With so much change, the potential for mistakes or misdeeds exists, and it is the job of the independent media to apply a watchful eye to identify any irregularities the voting public should know about,” Just the News Editor in Chief John Solomon said. “The media did this during the hanging chad crisis in Florida in 2000 and we should do it now.”

The coalition among other things will compare vote tallies by precinct to voter eligibility rolls to identify any locations where overcounting or undercounting may have occurred, and review records and interview authorized election observers and judges to ensure proper counting and certifications were followed. It will also examine precincts for any distortions due to ballot harvesting.”

The coalition includes a national TV network with Real America’s Voice (RAV), and the local Star network of news sites that stretch from Virginia to Ohio.  

"RAV has partnered with John Solomon, and Just The News, because John exemplifies integrity. We have joined this coalition for the exact same reason, to insure the integrity of this election," said Howard Diamond, CEO of Real America’s Voice.

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