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Mike Pence, Chuck Todd clash over Trump indictment, Russia collusion hoax

"Chuck... we lived through two and a half years of a constant barrage, on your network."

Published: June 19, 2023 10:28am

Former Vice President Mike Pence, now running for president, got into a tense exchange with "Meet The Press" host Chuck Todd over the mainstream media's Russia collusion narrative while discussing Donald Trump's recent indictment.

Responding to Todd's question if Trump's handling off classified document's should "disqualify" him from a second term in office, Pence argued Sundsy the Justice Department's "two-tiered justice system" has held Trump to a different code of conduct than it did with Hillary Clinton's scandal as Secretary of State when she deleted tens of thousands of emails -- including from her private server -- containing classified information.

"It’s one more example of a two-tiered justice system that we’ve been living through for seven years," Pence told Todd. "I mean I have to tell you, after seeing Hillary Clinton be given a pass —” he began to elaborate before being cut off by Todd.

"By your Justice Department," the host said. "Jeff Sessions had another U.S. attorney look into everything with Clinton and didn’t bring charges.”

Pence doubled down on the notion that Clinton  was "given a pass" and went on to address former Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s claim that the GOP should ‘back off’ accusations’ of DOJ ‘weaponization’.

He cited the Russian probe "that we now know from the Durham report should’ve never have been begun."

After another attempted interruption from Todd claiming evidence showed there was no politics involved in the probe, the former VP continued.

"We lived through two and a half years of a constant barrage, on your network... and many of the other mainstream media, suggesting that there was Russian collusion," despite the fact that it "never happened"

"I thought it was disgraceful the way big media and big tech essentially colluded to suppress the story of the Hunter Biden laptop," Pence went on. "...when the FBI actually had the laptop and knew it was legitimate... it's hard for me to believe that politics didn't play some role in the unprecedented decision to bring an indictment against a former president."

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