Most Americans have heard of Biden family allegations, more than half believe them

Among 27% of Americans who haven't heard of Biden family allegations, knowing about them doesn't push them to support Trump.

Updated: November 2, 2020 - 7:30am

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Nearly three quarters of Americans are aware of the controversy surrounding Joe Biden and his family's overseas business deals, and a majority of those who know about the allegations believe them to be true, according to a Just the News-Scott Rasmussen poll taken on the final week of the election.

A total of 72% of the 1,200 likely voters surveyed between Oct. 29 and Oct. 31 said they had "seen, read, or heard" news stories "concerning allegations that Joe Biden had lied and was selling influence to China and Ukraine for the benefit of his family?"

Among the likely voters familiar with the allegations, 53% said they believed that Biden "was selling influence to China and Ukraine?" Men were slightly more likely than women to believe the allegations, the poll found.

Among those who have not heard the allegations and don't already support Trump, most say it would not change their support, which overwhelmingly leaned toward Biden, the polls found.

Only 1 percent of the likely voters said learning about the Biden allegations would make them more likely to vote for Trump, while nearly 30 percent said they would vote for neither major candidate or didn't know.

You can view the poll results here.


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