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FBI gone wild: Bureau officials had sex with prostitutes, escaped prosecution

The Justice Department Office of Inspector General substantiated allegations against a total six FBI officials

Published: December 15, 2021 7:48am

Updated: December 15, 2021 12:08pm

A federal watchdog has substantiated multiple instances of misconduct by FBI officials while working overseas including procuring prostitutes and lying about it.

The report by the Justice Department Office of Inspector General released Tuesday states it has substantiated allegations against a total six FBI officials including that one official gave another a package with about "100 white pills to deliver to a foreign law enforcement officer, in violation of DOJ and FBI policies."

The investigation found four FBI officials while overseas solicited, procured and accepted commercial sex, and a fifth solicited commercial sex. The probe also found officials failed to tell the truth about the allegations, and none of them were prosecuted.

The sixth FBI official committed misconduct by failing to report suspected violations of the 2015 Attorney General Memorandum  “Prohibition on the Solicitation of Prostitution” by other FBI officials, the investigation also found.

On the allegations of soliciting and engaging in commercial sex, the investigation concluded four of the officials during inspector general interviews and polygraph examinations "lacked candor" about their interactions with prostitutes and other misconduct in violation of FBI policies. 

The investigation also found one of the officials made false statements during the "compelled" interviews and polygraph tests, in violation of federal law, by denying having had sex with a prostitute. In addition, all five officials associated with the commercial sex allegations failed to report their own misconduct and the misconduct of others in violation of  FBI policies.

Five officials also failed to report contact or relationships with foreign nationals, including those from whom they procured commercial sex. And one of the officials "lacked candor" in an interview by denying having observed or having placed pills in a package to be delivered to a foreign law enforcement officer.

The report states that during the investigation, the resignation of two of the five officials who solicited the commercial sex failed to report their misconduct, the misconduct of others and contact or relationships with foreign nationals.  Two others retired, and one was "removed," the report also states.

However, the report did not state when the alleged incidents occurred or whether they all occurred on a single or multiple overseas assignments. 

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