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Poll shows significant support for strengthening whistleblower legal protections

The survey found support for strengthening protections for both federal and corporate whistleblowers

Updated: October 6, 2020 - 5:14pm

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A survey commissioned by the Whistleblower News Network found that 86% of respondents favored implementing more powerful protections for federal workers who sound the alarm about fraud within government programs, while just 9% did not concur.

The Marist Poll also found that 82% of respondents thought that to some extent Congress should prioritize the passage of legislation to further protect workers who call out corporate fraud. 

That number breaks down to 29% who think this ought to represent an "immediate priority" and 53% who think it should represent "a priority but not an immediate one."

Forty-four percent would more likely cast a vote in support of congressional candidates who back the bolstering of legal protections for workers who raise an alert about corporate fraud.

"This poll clearly demonstrates that the American people stand behind whistleblowers," whistleblower attorney and contributing editor of Whistleblower News Network Stephen M. Kohn said in a statement. "They want their elected leaders to protect government and corporate employees who expose fraud."

Just the News Editor in Chief John Solomon interviewed Kohn earlier this year on the John Solomon Reports podcast.