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Comer: Bidens had foreign business dealings on at least three continents

"We know what was going on in Ukraine," he said. "We know what was going on in Russia. We've got a pretty good idea what was going on in the Congo."

Published: May 12, 2023 3:10pm

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., on Friday revealed that his panel's investigation had uncovered evidence of Biden family business dealings in Africa, Asia, eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Appearing on "The Great America Show" with Lou Dobbs, Comer reiterated evidence that he and House investigators presented earlier this week outlining the foreign business dealings of the Biden family. That report indicated that myriad Bidens received at least $10 million from foreign parties, many of which were based in countries where then-Vice President Joe Biden had a foreign policy role during the Obama administration.

Prompted by Dobbs to outline the pervasiveness of the alleged dealings worldwide, Comer pointed to those two nations and added that "we know what was going on in Ukraine. We know what was going on in Russia. We've got a pretty good idea what was going on in the Congo."

"We've got reports of things that mainly the President's brother was doing in Qatar and in the Middle East," he continued. "So I believe that we have many more countries to go and as I said, yesterday, I've subpoenaed four banks. And we know of 12 banks that were involved with some of these Biden accounts."

Dobbs then questioned the extent to which then-President Barack Obama may have been aware of any of the Biden family's alleged illicit activities.

Comer indicated that Dobbs was the first individual to press him on that point and proceeded to theorize that Obama had opposed a Biden bid for the presidency on the basis that close scrutiny of his dealings might reflect negatively on his own legacy.

"[E]veryone knows that Obama didn't want Joe Biden run for president," Comer said. "Everyone assumed it was because he was gaffe prone or because of his age. I believe, Lou, that it was because he knew what Joe Biden was doing."

"During the last year of his vice presidency, he knew his son was no good. And he knew this was nothing but a political liability, not just for our country, not just for the Democratic Party, but for Barack Obama's legacy, because a lot of this happened during the Obama administration," he continued.

"So I think that's why Obama didn't want Joe Biden to run for president. I think it's because they knew about this," the Kentucky Republican supposed. "And remember, a lot of these cover ups would have happened during the Obama administration, with Obama appointees, in the in these deep state bureaucracies."

Comer and House Republicans are pursuing numerous investigations into the Biden family's business dealings and the administration's alleged use of governmental power for political purposes during the first two years of the Biden administration. 

Ben Whedon is an editor and reporter for Just the News. Follow him on Twitter.

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