Former DEA director says Congress can urge Biden to use the military to stop the cartels

"The US military or intel community has unbelievable capabilities," Derek Maltz said.

Updated: February 6, 2023 - 5:37pm

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Former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special operations director Derek Maltz says that Congress has some options when it comes to encouraging Biden to use resources to deal with the cartels plaguing the southern border and the country. 

"I know that Michael Waltz and Dan Crenshaw, two warriors a Green Beret and a SEAL  have put forth a resolution or a bill to actually start authorizing the use of US military assets to destroy the cartel's production," Maltz said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. "To me, that's outstanding."

If this bill were signed into law, President Joe Biden would have authority to "to use military force against cartels based on their fentanyl trafficking, production and distribution; their use of force against US law enforcement and/or military, law enforcement and/or military of a neighboring country, and/or to gain control of territory to use for their criminal enterprise." 

Waltz explained that the solution for dealing with the cartels is simple, but the administration isn't doing much that's productive to stop them.

"The US military or intel community has unbelievable capabilities," Maltz stated. "We're not talking about going to war with Mexico. We're not talking about boots on the ground. We're talking about destroying their ability to operate. To me, there's no logic to why we haven't already done that."

GOP Reps. Jake Ellzey and Beth Van Duyne have also signed onto the bill proposed by Reps. Crenshaw and Waltz.

The Mexican drug cartels have been fueling deadly fentanyl that's been sweeping the country and according to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), "is the leading cause of death for American men between the ages of 18 and 45."

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