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House passes $14.3 billion Israel aid bill

President Biden has threatened to veto the bill

Published: November 2, 2023 5:54pm

Updated: November 2, 2023 6:11pm

The GOP-led House passed a bill that would provide Israel with $14.3 billion in the aftermath of the Hamas terrorist attack, which cuts the Democrats' new Internal Revenue Service funding as a way to pay for the legislation.

The cuts would come from the $740 billion Inflation Reduction Act that passed last year. 

National security spokesperson John Kirby said on Thursday that Biden would veto the bill. Biden has proposed a combination aid package that would help Israel and Ukraine as well as provide humanitarian assistance for Palestinian refugees.

“The president would veto an Israel-only bill. I think we have made that clear,” Kirby said at a news conference.

The final vote was 226-196 with 12 Democrats joining almost all Republicans in voting in favor of the bill. Reps. Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia voted against the bill.