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Kansas Republican becomes latest lawmaker to retire from Congress

Nearly 20 Republican lawmakers are heading for the exit so far this election cycle, along with more than a dozen Democrats.

Published: April 18, 2024 3:46pm

Kansas GOP Rep. Jake LaTurner announced that he will not be running for reelection in November, claiming Thursday that he wanted to be more present for his children.

Nearly 20 Republican lawmakers are heading for the exit so far this election cycle, either through retirement or resignation, with Wisconsin Republican Mike Gallagher leaving the House on Friday, in the middle of the term. 

More than a dozen Democrats are also leaving the House this term, and another dozen are running for higher offices, such as the Senate, according to Axios.

The exits come after a term filled with infighting and low productivity despite multiple global and national crises, including the war in Ukraine, the Israel-Palestine conflict, high inflation, and an immigration crisis at the southern border.

LaTurner, who has only been in the House for three years, said the dysfunction on Capitol Hill is “distressing,” but it is not the reason behind his departure.

“It has become fashionable for some to fear for the future of this country and act as though the problems we face and the divisions that exist are insurmountable, but that is just not true,” the lawmaker said in a statement posted on X. “Undoubtedly the current dysfunction on Capitol Hill is distressing, but it almost always has been; we just didn’t see most of it."

LaTurner said he wishes to be present in the lives of his four young children, along with his wife, who has been supportive of his time in Congress. He will not be seeking any state or national office in the 2024 and 2026 elections to devote his time to his family, but indicated he could return to politics after that. 

“I am hopeful that in another season of life, with new experiences and perspective, I can contribute in some small way and advocate for the issues I care most about,” LaTurner said.

Despite LaTurner’s departure, Republicans are not expected to lose his seat in the House this year because he comes from a solid red district, the Hill reported.

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