Ohio Rep. Max Miller emphasizes the importance of cutting spending and balancing the budget

"The most practical thing we can do as a country is cut it down from 5% to 3%," Rep. Max Miller said.

Updated: January 12, 2023 - 8:04pm

Ohio GOP Rep. Max Miller is suggesting solutions on cutting spending and establishing a budget for the new Congress.

"We increase 5% every single year above where we need to be," Rep. Miller said on Thursday's edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "The most practical thing we can do as a country is cut it down from 5% to 3%."

"What that is going to do is that it's going to take our national debt down it's got to be hundreds of millions of dollars to billions even trillions over a 10 year period," he continued.

Miller stated that this is a good strategy to ensure that the next generation has a stable future with a country that's not in an economic crisis.

"These are things that we're going to have to do for the country in order to make sure that my future children and my future grandchildren and their children actually have an America that is still going to stand strong and be the number one superpower of the world," he said. 

The Ohio congressman added that making these small changes will benefit the country as a whole. 

"A common sense issue of just dialing back the budget 2% to make sure that we have a strong country, and not to fold on the debts that we currently have within this country, would be a good thing," Rep. Miller concluded.