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Boebert says after Secret Service briefing drugs discovered three times at White House since 2022

Secret Service told lawmakers they plan to close the investigation into the cocaine found at the White House by this Friday, according to a spokesperson for the House Oversight Committee

Published: July 13, 2023 12:04pm

Updated: July 13, 2023 3:03pm

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert said after the Secret Service briefing Thursday on cocaine found July 2 at the White House that drugs have been found two other times since last year in the building. 

The Colorado lawmaker also confirmed that Secret Service officials said at the briefing the agency likely won't find a suspect in connection to the cocaine discovery and that the probe will conclude Friday.

"There's a list of more than 500 individuals that they looked into their backgrounds for prior drug records or use, and nothing was determined from from their analysis," she said. "And the Secret Service is very eager to close this within the next couple of days."

The cocaine was reportedly found in a cubby near the White House's West Executive entrance and weighed less than a gram. 

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace, who like Boebert is a member of the House Oversight Committee and attended the briefing, also confirmed with Just the News the investigation will be closed Friday without a suspect. 

"The cocaine caper is going to be concluded without any outcome. No suspects, no resolution," the South Carolina lawmaker said after the briefing, "which is frustrating, because every time there's something unsavory happening on the president, the White House's administration, we never get an answer. And it's just ironic and interesting and frustrating."

Boebert said the drug found twice before in roughly the past year was marijuana and that she thinks the Secret Service closed the investigation without a suspect "because everything in this administration is about covering up for the Biden crime family."

"This is the third time that drugs have been found on the White House property since 2022, and we did not even hear about the marijuana," she also said. "I certainly did not hear about the marijuana that was found in 2022, two times, and now there's cocaine on the property. So everything they do is to move along to the next story. They know there will be another Biden crime crisis.”

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