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GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry not seeking reelection

He served since 2005

Published: December 5, 2023 2:44pm

Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry said Tuesday he will not seek 2024 reelection.

The North Carolina lawmaker has served in Congress since 2005. 

“I will be retiring from Congress at the end of my current term," he said. "This is not a decision I come to lightly, but I believe there is a season for everything and – for me – this season has come to an end,” McHenry, who earlier this year was interm House speaker, said in a statement.

His announcement marks the 37 retirement from Congress this election cycle.

“Past, present, and future, the House of Representatives is the center of our American republic," McHenry also said. "Through good and bad, during the highest of days and the lowest, and from proud to infamous times, the House is the venue for our nation’s disagreements bound up in our hopes for a better tomorrow. It is a truly special place and – as an American – my service here is undoubtedly my proudest."