SCOTUS approval is high among Americans

The majority of Americans approve of how the Supreme Court is doing its job.

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June 29, 2020 - 10:38am

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    Although voters don’t consider Supreme Court nominations a top voting issue in the 2020 elections, most Americans are happy with how SCOTUS works.

    Some Republicans say the Court is too liberal, while some Democrats say it’s too conservative, but overall, the approval numbers for the Supreme Court are good.

    52% of voters nationwide approve of the way the Supreme Court is doing its job. 31% disapprove, and 17% aren’t sure. If we look further into these numbers, 62% of Hispanic voters, 53% of White voters, and 39% of Black voters also agree that the SCOTUS is doing a good job.

    Scott Rasmussen dissects these numbers further in is new Number of the Day podcast. 

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