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House candidate says the FBI never contacted him about improper service records release

"The Privacy Act lays it out pretty pretty clearly on what should be released from a military service members record," Majewski said.

Published: December 6, 2023 6:56pm

Updated: December 6, 2023 7:55pm

Ohio Congressional candidate J. R. Majewski says that the FBI never reached out to him regarding his military service records being improperly released. 

"As somebody that maintained a pretty serious clearance working in the nuclear power industry, I think that the FBI would ... find it within themselves to contact me, given that I worked with spent nuclear fuel, but I absolutely did not hear from the FBI," he said on the Wednesday edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "It would be nice, but I haven't."

Air Force veteran J. R. Majewski’s service records – including his DD Form 214 (discharge record) and non-judicial punishment record – were improperly released by the Air Force to the Due Diligence Group, (DDG), a research firm that has been used by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, leading up to his 2022 Ohio congressional election.

"The Privacy Act lays it out pretty clearly on what should be released from a military service member's record," he said. "Like I said, it wasn't ... the context of what was released, because my records were fine. It was the ability of the Associated Press and this opposition research firm to fabricate a narrative based on my records." 

He said that he believes veterans should be transparent with their records, but there are laws that have to be followed regarding the release of the records. 

Majewski said that some members of Congress have subpoenaed the Air Force to try to get answers. 

"I think members like Cory Mills, Matt Gaetz and Anna Paulina Luna have looked into this," he said. "They've actually subpoenaed high-ranking members of the Air Force, who – some attended and some refused."