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Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee says woke FBI analysts are going after Americans

Rep. Jim Jordan discusses the FBI going after a veteran-run organization and labeling it an extremist group.

Published: September 15, 2022 7:22pm

Updated: September 15, 2022 8:52pm

Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan tells of a veteran-owned organization being labeled as an extremist organization. 

Last month, Green Beret and former government contractor Mike Glover put out a video on his YouTube channel titled "I am NOT a terrorist" after the FBI accused his organization "Field Craft Survival" of being an extremist group. Field Craft Survival is an organization that teaches survival skills and gun safety.

"He's an American veteran serving his community and loves this country," Jordan said on the "Just the News, Not Noise" TV show. "Then some woke analysts at the FBI decide, 'Oh, wait a minute. This guy waves the American flag, he owns a gun, he voted for Trump.' Whatever basis they come up with that fits the Joe Biden narrative that half the country are 'extremist' and they investigate him."

Jordan went on to say that whistleblowers have been coming out and speaking about how politically corrupt the FBI has become. 

"A number of FBI agents have come to us as whistleblowers, talking about the pressure to juice the numbers, and catalog and create to have all these 'domestic violent extremism' cases," Jordan explained. "That is a concern, particularly when you view it in the broader context with what we've seen from the FBI and the Justice Department over the last six years."

Jordan also said that the FBI had politically inserted itself into presidential campaigns in the past and how it must be acknowledged. 

"Think about how many times now the FBI has inserted themselves into the election process," Jordan stated. "In 2016 they were spying on President Trump's campaign. In 2018, they had had the special counsel to impact it. In 2020, they suppressed evidence relating to the Bidens' foreign dealings."

Mike Glover, who had his business impacted by the FBI labeling it as an extremist group, said that it hadn't just impacted his business, but his family as well. 

"Facebook, for example, has banned and deleted everything with," Glover said on the Thursday edition of "Just the News, Not Noise." "If you have a Facebook account, and you try to search it right now, you're likely to get deleted. My mom had her spa, 'The Wasp,' in  Fayetteville, North Carolina get deleted off Facebook because she reposted a link of that organization."

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