Protests at state houses so far remain small amid heavily guarded capitals across U.S.

The FBI warned last week that there could be major protests in all 50 states.

Updated: January 18, 2021 - 3:16pm

The large gatherings and possibly armed protests anticipated by the FBI at statehouses across the country ahead Wednesday's presidential inauguration did not materialize this weekend.

Last week, the FBI warned of potential for armed protests in the nation's capital and across the country ahead of Democrat Joe Biden's inauguration. However, no state capitol saw more than a few dozen protesters over the weekend.

Several protestors said that they did not trust the results of the U.S. election but would support Biden as president if he can demonstrate that he won legally. "Show us the proof! Then the healing can begin," read one man's sign in Michigan. 

In Washington, the U.S. Capitol Building remains fenced in and surrounded by layers of National Guard troops. Much of downtown Washington is closed to the public and will remain so through the Inauguration, with 25,000 guardsmen positioned mostly from the White House to Capitol Hill.

Roughly one-third of U.S. governors have activated National Guard troops to help protect their capitols and back up local law enforcement until after the inauguration.