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Over 3,000 National Guard troops activated in various states in fear of election night violence

Cities across the country are preparing for protests and riots in the coming days.

Updated: November 3, 2020 - 4:47pm

With election results expected to slowly come in Tuesday night and perhaps days later, some states are preparing for any violence in their cities by activating their National Guard.

State leaders' decisions to active Guard troop also follow many businesses in cities across the country already having been boarded up over concerns about what's to come after Election Day.

At least 3,671 troops have been called into several cities to assist with cyber defense, working polls and standing by in case of any civil unrest. 

The governors of Massachusetts and Texas have each activated 1,000 National Guard members. And Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Texas are among other states in which governors have mobilized forces in case of any riots. 

The Oregon governor has declared a state of emergency for the Portland area, and the state's National Guard is on standby.

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