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Rape. Extortion. Death. Migrants paying inhumane price to reach Biden's open border

Front-line officers say Democrats have created a humanitarian crisis with policies that put the vulnerable in hands of heartless cartels.

Published: July 2, 2022 2:00pm

Updated: July 3, 2022 11:20pm

Last week, 53 illegal migrants boiled to death in the back of a sweltering truck that smuggled them across the Texas border — a toll far greater than the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde combined.

Well before that atrocity, Sheriff Mark Lamb witnessed an extraordinary piece of evidence that convinced him of the inhumanity of President Joe Biden's open border.

It was a plastic baggie, stuffed in the shirt pocket of a young migrant woman caught by his deputies wandering through Pinal County, Ariz.

"She had a baggie full of pills," Lamb recounted. "And so we started saying, 'Hey, what are these pills?' And she says, 'Look, when I was going across the border, I knew I'd get raped multiple times. So these are the morning-after pills.'"

Her answer — and the fact the baggie was already missing some pills — was enough to stun even the most grizzled of law enforcement veterans painfully aware that the open border Biden has ushered into existence over 18 months has lured hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants on perilous treks in the hands of criminal cartels, for which rape, extortion, indentured slavery and deadly journeys inside sweltering trucks or along raging river waters have become the price of admission.

"Women are being raped on a daily basis, kids are being used as drug pawns, men are being extorted," Lamb told Just the News in a recent interview. "Like when as Americans does this become acceptable because it suits your politics? The real humanitarian issue is what the cartels are doing to human beings on a daily basis. It has to stop."

Lamb's anguish is shared by congressmen, governors, counselors and border patrol agents whose stories of alarm are often drowned out by a media far more interested in abortion, mass shootings and the Jan. 6 hearings.

Brandon Judd, president of the union that represents border patrol agents, said the 53 deaths in the back of a semitrailer in San Antonio is only emblematic of a daily death toll his colleagues witness but don't always see reported.

"The problem has just gotten worse month over month," Judd told the "Just the News, Not Noise" television show last week. "And now we're seeing deaths. As tragic as this single event that killed 50-plus people, we're seeing deaths on the border every single day. When you look month by month, we have up to 10 drownings in the Rio Grande river every single month. This happens all the time. And this administration refuses to address it."

Sorrow has increasingly turned to rage as border politicians seek to hold Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas accountable for luring hundreds of thousands of migrants into a most inhumane journey north to America’s border in the hands of criminal cartels. And with that journey comes millions of smuggled pills laced with deadly levels of fentanyl that last year helped kill a record 107,000 Americans from overdoses and poisonings.

"These drug cartels, the border policies of Joe Biden have created this syndicate down there where human life means absolutely nothing, where somebody can just leave 50 people in the back of a truck and 100-degree-plus weather just to die in bear county in the middle of Texas, in San Antonio," said Rep. Brian Babin, a Texas Republican.

"The best brands that the cartels have in America is Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas," Babin said. "They are part and party to human trafficking, sex trafficking, and drug trafficking. You name it, it is open season on our border patrol and on our ranchers, on our property owners. And they simply have abrogated their commitments in their oath of office to protect and enforce the Constitution and the laws the United States of America."

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux's department in California recently captured two drug runners with 150,000 fentanyl pills. They were released in just two days as a result of Democrat policies. Boudreaux said the scourge would stop almost immediately with a single action in Washington.

"President Biden can do one simple thing to start the process of healing, and that is to close our border," Boudreau said. "It needs to be secure. People are going to be brought over. Humans are going to be traffic. Drugs are coming across our border. This fentanyl is killing people all across this country, not just in the state of California, but in my county. People are being used and abused."

Judd, the border patrol union chief, said his agents have made the same case to the administration, but it is clear Biden is unwilling to stand up to the far left activists in his party.

"The administration could protect the American public," he said. "But to do that, they're gonna have to push back on their open border activists, they're going to have to push back against their base. And that's what they're not willing to do."

In the absence of the obvious solution, public officials far from the border now seeing the ills that illegal migration has brought into the country are looking for novel solutions.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has several lawsuits winding through the courts that he hopes can help, though the Supreme Court last week rejected his effort to force Biden to restore the Remain in Mexico policy that was so successful in reducing illegal migration under former President Donald Trump.

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, a rising star in the GOP, is talking about using old-fashioned property laws as a new line of attack against the Biden administration.

"There is a premise in property law that property owners can be sued under what is called attractive nuisance," Robinson said. "What the Biden administration created on our border is a very deadly, attractive nuisance. The border is wide open. And so now we see these folks coming across for these nefarious reasons to bring drugs, human trafficking.

"If we keep that border open, if we keep it unsecured, if we keep it unchecked, we are going to continue to see tragedy after tragedy, death after death. The entrance into this country needs to be legal, and it needs to be organized. If it is not, it creates, as I said, an attractive nuisance that will cause death and injury."

In the meantime as legal action gets unleashed, border experts with large bullhorns say the most important mission is to educate the American public that Biden's border policies are not compassionate and humanitarian and instead are creating a modern-day form of slavery and a deadly trail of tears.

"Border Patrol and local sheriff's departments on the border have found more dead migrants than any other time on record," said former acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan. "And they're not reported. They stopped reporting the recoveries last fall.

"Nongovernment reporting says up to 30% of young women on their journey are raped and sexually abused. We have cartels, smugglers, and sometimes even parents giving their young girls morning after pills and birth control pills, because they're expecting that they're gonna get raped on the journey ... and again, you don't have to be a border security expert or rocket scientist to know if you increase illegal immigration by 400%, you've just increased 400% the number of women being sexually assaulted and raped." 

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