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Rep. Chip Roy: Biden lying about 'closed' border, as hundreds of dead migrants are found in Texas

"This is the state of the border under Democratic control," Rep. Chip Roy said.

September 30, 2021 4:56pm

Updated: September 30, 2021 11:08pm

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) blasted the Biden administration on Thursday for lying about the southern border being closed, as migrants are flooding into the U.S. and Border Patrol is being "overrun."

"Secretary Mayorkas and the president are effectively lying on a daily basis about the state of the border," Roy told the John Solomon Reports podcast.

"Mayorkas was actually in Texas, saying that Del Rio border was closed at the literal moment that he knew and had just talked to people about Haitian refugees going — or migrants — going back and forth across the river," he said. "They were across, they'd go over and get a taco in Mexico, and then come back."

Roy noted that even former President Barack Obama, "who was horrible on the border," acknowledged in a "Good Morning America" interview that aired Tuesday that having open borders is "unsustainable."

The Biden "administration is now just stepping on the gas," Roy continued, "being run by radical leftists, a bunch of university academic types sitting around and, you know, pontificating about how these open borders are good for migrants and good for America."

During a press briefing on Tuesday, a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki whether Biden agreed with Obama's statement on open borders.

"We don't have open borders," Psaki replied. "So, yes, he agrees."

About 800 Texas Department of Public Safety officers are helping 1,300 Border Patrol and federal agents with the border since they're so "overwhelmed and overrun, because they've got no support from this administration," Roy said. "Governor Abbott and our team in Texas is doing everything they know how to do to try to go step into the breach."

Abbott and Texas will "have to go farther," he believes. "I think we're gonna have to take it upon ourselves to hold the line and step in, because this administration is purposefully harming Texans and Americans for their own political calculations."

Roy linked the administration's open border policy to the deaths of migrants, noting "several hundred" dead bodies have been found "across the entirety of the border in South Texas, when ranchers have to go find a carcass literally picked apart by vultures and animals because a migrant died in South Texas."

Decrying the additional $4-5 trillion the Democrats want to spend between the infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion spending package, Roy argued it will not only hurt the U.S. economy, but will also push through Green New Deal programs and bring America closer to universal healthcare.

During the COVID pandemic "we just spent a year-and-a-half dumping $5 trillion in appropriations that hasn't all been spent yet," the Texas Republican noted. "But we put a ton of money into the economy, we are now seeing inflation ... and worse than inflation, we're seeing what happens when you insert that into the economy, and you pay people not to work, and you kill jobs, and you kill small businesses, and you disrupt the supply chain, and you basically cause our economy to, in many places, come to a screeching halt, you see what happens — it harms people.

"And they want to now go inject another four or five trillion dollars of borrowed money that will destabilize our currency, weaken our financial condition as a country, but worse than that, kill free enterprise, kill small business. It's absolutely absurd."

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