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Biden fails to name single law enforcement group backing him as Trump pushes 'law and order'

"Name one group that supports you"

Published: September 30, 2020 1:16pm

Updated: September 30, 2020 11:53pm

At one point in Tuesday night's fiery presidential debate, President Trump asked Joe Biden to name a law enforcement group that backs him.

Biden didn't answer.

"He's talking about defunding the police. ... He has no law enforcement support," Trump said. "Who do you have? Name one group that supports you."

"That's not true. ... We don't have time to do anything," Biden said.

"No, no think right now. Name one law enforcement group that came out in support of you," Trump said. "He has almost nothing. Oh, really, who do you have name one group that supports you name one group that came out and supported you. Go ahead. Think we have time."

Trump has been pushing law and order as a top campaign issue amid racial unrest and protests in several U.S. cities. And while the president has a lot of support from law enforcement groups, Biden does have some backing, too.

More than 175 current and former law enforcement officers and officials, including former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano under President Obama, have endorsed Biden for president. Other groups, including Florida's largest police union and the Fraternal Order of Police, have endorsed Trump.

In the debate, Trump said he has "law enforcement, almost every law enforcement group in the United States. I have Florida. I have Texas. I have Ohio. I have every -- Excuse me, Portland, the sheriff just came out today and he said, “I support President Trump.”

"I don’t think you have any law enforcement. You can’t even say the word law enforcement. Because if you say those words, you’re going to lose all of your radical left supporters. And why aren’t you saying those words, Joe? Why don’t you say the words law enforcement? Because you know what? If they called us in Portland, we would put out that fire in a half an hour," the president said. "But they won’t do it, because they’re run by radical left Democrats.

"If you look at Chicago, if you look at any place you want to look, Seattle, they heard we were coming in the following day and they put up their hands and we got back Seattle. Minneapolis, we got it back, Joe, because we believe in law and order, but you don’t. The top 10 cities and just about the top 40 cities are run by Democrats, and in many cases radical left. And they’ve got you wrapped around their finger, Joe, to a point where you don’t want to say anything about law and order. And I’ll tell you what, the people of this country want and demand law and order and you’re afraid to even say it."

Another exchange happened later in the debate:

Trump: And you still haven’t mentioned. Are you in favor of law and order?

Biden: I’m in favor of law. You --

Trump: Are you in favor of law and order?

Biden: Law and order with justice, where people get treated fairly.

Trump: OK.

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