House to vote Friday on coronavirus spending, members hasten back to Washington

If one House member calls for a recorded vote, at least 216 of them must get to House floor

Speaker Pelosi at a news conference on March 26.
Speaker Pelosi at a news conference on March 26.
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
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March 27, 2020 - 8:19am

The House is set to vote Friday on a $2.2 trillion coronavirus spending package, which if passed would go directly to President Trump to be signed into law. 

The GOP-controlled Senate passed the record-breaking stimulus package late Wednesday. House leaders had planned to pass the measure by a voice vote. But concerns about one or more members calling for a recorded vote has House members hastening back to Capitol Hill and the House floor. 

At least 216 House members must be on the floor for a recorded vote, which could delay passage until Saturday.

President Trump on Thursday hinted that a House member might hold up the process, saying there might be a "grandstander." But he also expresses optimism that the bill would be passed Saturday.

Kentucky GOP Rep. Thomas Massey is being identified as a House member who could likely demand a recorded vote.

The bill includes a $1,200 check for adult taxpayers and $500 for each child, more than $350 billion for hard-hit small businesses and additional money for unemployment insurance.